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Meet The Team

We provide client focused solutions that promote health and wholeness from within while caring for your skin.

Image by Katie Harp

Our Story

At Bleu Reign, I offer our clients a customized, first class experience in selfcare. I understand our clients desire to unwind, while also receiving services that support them achieving their goals through a variety of skin care treatments. Our clients come for our services, but stay because of the quality of care they receive. Located in Arlington, Texas, our spa offers a quiet, inviting atmosphere.

I created Bleu Reign with a vision that had our clients. Our clients represent a wide range of demographics, but they all have one goal in mind having a place that they look forward to coming to and never want to leave. Our loyalty to our clients goes beyond the services I provide the day of their services. I strive to educate them by providing them with the knowledge they need to care for their skin at home, between treatments. I also provide an array of products and kits to take home for use.

Image by Katie Harp

Irtashia Horn

Personal experiences are what lead us to discover our purpose and passion. It's no different for Irtashia Horn, the Reign to Bleu Reign. The Dallas native and mother of one son, is focused on professional and personal growth. After a challenging battle with Chrohn's Disease affected her not only externally but also within, esthetics became an integral part of Horn's healing process. Upon discovering solutions for her own skin, she was prompted to take the necessary steps to become a licensed esthetician. Wanting to provide clients with the experience that would aid in them seeing their inner and outer beauty despite the cards that life may have dealt them.


Armed with passion and her own personal story, Horn is dedicated top providing her clients with an experience that leaves clients feeling like royalty. They "reign" as the royal client under her care. Receiving an experience that is one of a kind, but well defined with quality care and superb customer experience. Horn, knows that this is what will catapult Bleu Reign to the top of it’s industry, and simultaneously keep her books filled with client appointments.

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